We specialize manufacturing of recurring standard or variable sheet-metal mechanics products.

We Serve With Best Quality And Service since 2017

About Us

Fintemec was established in 2017 and is Finnish-owned company. Our facilities are approximately 3000 m2 and are located in Aruküla, Estonia (about 25 km from Tallinn). Our turnover in 2020 was approximately 2,8 million euros and our operation is fully profitable.

Decided investments:

    • Sertified management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 3834-2)
    • Fiber laser 12kW, max. sheet size 1500 mm / 3000 mm
    • Bending machine 300 t./3000 mm
    • Other development investments that improve quality and productivity

The capacity will increase to more than 6 million euros in current facilities after the decided investments above.

Business Idea

Manufacturing of recurring standard or variable sheet-metal mechanics products. Our service concept also includes improving manufacturing of customers’ products in cooperation with customers

Our customers are development-oriented and successful companies whom we offer great customer service which  is implemented on a contract basis.

Competitiveness is continuously developed by developing processes and methods to ensure the best opportunities to our clients. 

Our Machines

Material strenghts 0.7 mm – 25 mm
Amada Pega, max. sheet size 1500×4000
Amada Vipros, max. sheet size 1250×2500
Fiber laser 2kW Bodor P3015, max. sheet size 1500×3000
Fiber laser 12kW, max. sheet size 1500 mm / 3000 mm (arrives 8/2021)

Amada 2.5 m, 80 tn
Amada 2.5 m, 80 tn
Amada 3 m, 100 tn.
Amada 0,6m, 30 tn.

Mig/Mag Welding 
Tig Welding 
Spot Welding 
Bolt Welding 

Max. product size 700 mm x 1600 mm x 3400 mm, max. length of narrow parts 4000 mm

Max. product size 1450 mm x 2100 mm

Rolling machine: (max. 2 mm x 1070 mm)
Glass ball plasting

Galvanizing, tinning, machining and machined parts, etc. are subcontracted through co-partners

Our Clients

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